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  • Security shutters

    Available in a wide choice of options and finishes

  • Shade PortsShade Ports

    In South Africa we are exposed to long hot sun beating summers and cold wet rainy winters. The shade port is a definite way to protect your vehicles, caravan or boat from the harsh SA conditions.

    Shade ports are extremely adaptable and include a number of applications – carports, walkways, covering for recreational, outdoor work and storage areas.

    The shade cloth offers up to 96% shade and, being similarly waterproof, offers  dryness in light rain and full protection against hail.

    With front, side and rear panels, they are made for commercial and domestic use.

  • UnderdecksUnderdecks

    Our state-of-the-art under deck ceiling and drainage system will easily turn that unused, wasted area under your deck into a pleasant, waterproof and usable space.

    This beautiful interlocking, rustproof, painted aluminium system can be installed under any deck or leaking roof and ceiling. Not only does it enhance the finished space, it keeps it dry and drains runoff water safely away from the deck or roof structure of the home.

    Best of all, you add living or storage space to your home without the expense of a significant renovation project.