Car Ports

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  • Car portCar port

    From wood to aluminium or galvanised steel structures with polycarbonate, coloured galvanised or aluminium roof coverings.

    Ideal for commercial, industrial, housing and townhouse applications, aluminium carports are attractive, require very little maintenance and can be adapted to suit most installation requirements.

    With matching or concealed gutters, down pipes and facias they blend in with your existing structures.

  • Shade PortsShade Ports

    In South Africa we are exposed to long hot sun beating summers and cold wet rainy winters. The shade port is a definite way to protect your vehicles, caravan or boat from the harsh SA conditions.

    Shade ports are extremely adaptable and include a number of applications – carports, walkways, covering for recreational, outdoor work and storage areas.

    The shade cloth offers up to 96% shade and, being similarly waterproof, offers  dryness in light rain and full protection against hail.

    With front, side and rear panels, they are made for commercial and domestic use.